Sunday, March 6, 2016

Life with chronic conditions

I may whine complain about a lot of the crap I deal with in my life. I also may be a tad cranky about getting my meds so I don't hurt all the time.

I have a therapist for talking about stuff and I have a meds therapist who keeps me on an even keel. So any issues with depression are held back. I have people to talk things out with. And I know my ailments are not in my head.

I get exercise to help maintain my body as much as I can before my ailments compromise it further. Its not age that is doing this to me.

But so many people just don't get it.

I have a friend with a chronically bad back who has a fair amount of pain. But she doesn't see a doctor about it. She does occasionally see a physical therapist. She has no prescriptions for pain meds because she gets her sister's prescription. She doesn't exercise regularly. And she doesn't understand how I live in pain and have to beg off on group events or leave early. Since she's there and in pain she doesn't understand why I can't stick around.

I also have friends who want to go out at night to do things. Since not much is allowed to get between me and my 930 pm self imposed curfew, I don't go out much. If I do, it needs to have a comfy chair that provides good support. And it can't include any amount of walking or standing.

Finally I have an expiration period. If I am out too long, I spend a long time recovering. So if a friend is late and I spend time waiting around for them, especially if I am standing, I don't get to fully enjoy my time out and end up leaving early to go home and rest before I need to spend a couple days recovering. Therefore I don't spend time with friends who are late.

My husband does understand me. He claims that if I do things I shouldn't or for too long, I am crabby for a day or two. Apparently he doesn't like me when I am crabby. Maybe I should rip off that fake smile and let my inner crabbiness show and then more people might get it.

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