Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Warning: A Cynical Post

They, the infamous, all-knowing 'them', say that after a cancer diagnosis, in one year you will reach your 'new normal'. As I have said before, the whole new normal thing is bogus and not worth seeking because it doesn't exist.

And its not after a year either. That year concept is wrong. First of all, your treatment may not end in a year. You are forever changed and even if your body returns to something resembling your previous body, your mind has been irreparably scarred. At every doctor appointment or test or scan for the rest of your life there is that evil little voice that says 'what if....'. It also shows up in the middle of the night when you can't sleep, or it wakes you up.

Also there are the people, like me, who find that after that cancer diagnosis, your body continues to rebel and send you down the never ending medical spiral of more ailments. While in chemo, in addition to growing a benign breast tumor, my gall bladder developed gall stones (a completely separate ailment) which led to surgery. Other people I know have developed cardio issues and other treatment side effects. And the women who chose reconstruction face additional surgeries. Never mind all the people who suffer from significant side effects from treatment and surgeries.

I am lying in bed this morning, waiting to take the (damn) cats to the (damn) vet. They are sleeping peacefully next to me but I know at the first sign of the dreaded carriers, I will be faced with the game of 'chase' with me chasing them so I can stuff them in their carriers. Full carriers are hard for me to pick up and carry to the car. When I arrive at the vet it will take two trips to get them inside. But they need their physicals and shots and exams (which they will hate). When we come home they will hate me. And my back will be killing me.

And I hate it that my body no longer allows me to do all the basic things in life that I used to be able to do. I am frustrated with my pudgy body that makes that is difficult to lose weight.

Yesterday I finally finished the latest request for information for my SS Disability application which includes asking me about how my ailments have changed my life from before when I was sort of healthy to after when I can only when I can watch everything I used to like or that used to be easy for me that are now a struggle. I really do not need reminders of the things that I can no longer do.

Pause. Deep breath.

Sometimes my inner cynical b*tch comes through and needs to vent. Maybe this is why I need therapy to cope.

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RNforlife said...

You have nailed it! This is exactly how I feel. I was diagnosed in 2012 and it never goes away. I had stg 2 breast cancer that was ER+. I had surgery today to remove my ovaries because of that. Well as you said, it never goes away! Thanks for your post.

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