Friday, February 19, 2016

Am I Out Of My Mind?

When I was a child, between home ec (remember that class?), 4-H and girl scouts, I learned to knit, crochet, sew, embroider, and a bunch of other kinds of needlework. Then when I was in chemo, a friend, who was sick of me calling her to whine, informed me I needed a hobby. (You know who you are JB!!) That lead to a yarn addiction which lead to craft shows which has now lead me to be totally out of my mind.

I have volunteered. (My husband has another word for 'volunteer'). I have suggested and it was agreed that I will start a needlework/knitting group at a local cancer support center every two weeks. WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!?!?!

Actually, knitting and crocheting helped me immensely during and after chemo. Now I can share that with others. There are lots of studies out which say that crochet, knitting, and other needlework can be as beneficial as meditation. I find meditation boring but I really enjoy knitting.

With all knitting groups I've attended, you knit and chat. Since this is at a cancer center, I am sure our conversations will include neuropathy and how it 'helps' our needlework in addition to 'discussing' our cancer experiences.

The group doesn't start until March and will run for a three month trial period so I will see how it goes. (I really hope it goes well.) Because its organized through the cancer center, someone else will take care of the finding people, keeping track of people, and scheduling. All I have to do is show up and help it get started (I think). Maybe someone else can help me with my crochet skills (which have room for improvement).


Anonymous said...

I got back to knitting during chemo by knitting chemo caps that I donated to my oncology practice. Others also donated caps and there was always a large display of caps available for anybody who needed or wanted something new to take. Good luck and I hope it works out well for you and the group.

james said...

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