Saturday, February 6, 2016

New bed

I consider a power bed to be something of a medical requirement, and not some extra expense at this point in my life. My husband thought it was an expensive luxury and wasn't too happy I insisted on getting one. We can just say we have a difference of opinion on the subject but as I said it was the one thing I wanted with a new house, we got one. I need to do everything I can to make sure I can sleep.

The new bed finally arrived yesterday, in the middle of a snow storm (expected accumulation of 4-8" which turned into 10+" and a six hour power outage). It was snowing enough that we were concerned it would still be delivered as scheduled. I called to confirm around 11 am and they were out on the road. So I called the plow company and he said he would be here in an hour or so. I crossed my fingers that the plow would get here before the delivery truck. Of course not.

Our new house has a fairly long driveway with a hill sloping down from the road to the house. The delivery guys showed up and parked on the street as I doubt they could have gotten the truck back out of the driveway.  They slide the base of the power bed, which is fairly heavy, down the driveway in its box. It was a big sled essentially. They unwrapped it outside and set it up in the bedroom. Then they dragged the old mattress and box spring up the hill and slide the new mattress down the hill (definitely got a workout).

My husband got out of work early because of the storm. When he arrived he had to leave to go run some errands because the driveway still wasn't plowed. I called the plow company again.... An hour later the driveway was plowed and my husband could actually get in the house.

Due to the lack of power, I couldn't show him how the bed goes up and down and you can adjust it and get really comfy. He did lie down on it to read and I could hear the snoring from the living room. He also admitted that it was comfortable. As soon as the power came on, I readjusted it so we were really comfy.

Then when we went to bed last night, I raised the head of the bed a tiny bit (because one of the real points of this bed is that the head of the bed could be raised to reduce snoring). This morning, my husband slept in a bit. He admitted to sleeping well. Me? I was very comfortable. It was every penny. A new power bed is clearly better than a 15 year old mattress with a memory foam topper.


Dylan Lovell said...

I cannot agree more. One thing that will make a huge difference in your life is a new mattress. You wake up feeling rejuvenated each day and at night you sleep with fewer interruptions. If I could go back, I would have bought mine 5 years earlier because it has me feeling years younger when I get up each day.

Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators

Dante Storey said...

First things first, I am so sorry for you and all that you are going through with your medical conditions. I can totally understand why you say that at this point in your life having a medical power bed is more of a requirement than a luxury or something of a frivolous purchase. You should have everything you need to assist you in feeling better.

Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

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