Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Too much advice = too much confusion

With every ailment, comes a list of advice. Do this, don't do that; eat this, don't eat that; these exercises, not those.That's fine with one ailment. But with my list of ailments, it quickly gets very confusing.

I subscribe to multiple Google Alerts - one for each ailment. Each one sends me a new list each day of articles or blog posts or some other piece of information found on line on each topic. The daily melange can include anything from somebody ran a race to fund raise for someone with one of the ailments to a medical research advancement. So there can be everything.

Including advice. Today's advice included diet secrets for arthritis, prescription review for fibromyalgia, a male oncologist who got breast cancer, and some woman and her family get lots of support after her thyroid cancer diagnosis. First of all its too much information for me to digest this early in the day, never mind later in the day.

Second of all, if I tried to select a specific topic (food/lifestyle, for example), it gets very confusing. Eat this, not that; drink this, not that; do cardio, skip cardio and do yoga, but my doctor says no yoga. Aaarrrgggghhh!

I give slightly more weight to advice from medical professionals, especially from my doctors. If one doctor gives me advice that conflicts with another doctor, I will ask what I should do.

So how do I handle all this? I do what feels right for me. That's the only way to deal with the piles of advice.

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