Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A really big mistake

So I was stupid (and testing my boundaries) and skipped my pills for two nights. I will never do that again. Ever.

Yesterday I went to the gym and had a lot of pain. My left hip gave me enough pain that I thought I would have to go home. But I took a break and was okay. But I did cut my workout short because of pain issues. Then when I came home, I took it easy (mostly - but did move some furniture around) and made a point to rest some.

But then I started thinking (being dangerous again) about all the assorted pains I have been having, which are not necessarily what I expected. I had expected some fibro pain, back pain, and RA pain. However it doesn't make sense to me that my left hip has given me so many issues.

I have had bursitis in my hip but that has been under control for along time. So why am I now having so much other pain there? This is a new kind of pain, not bursitis pain. Is there something else wrong? No there can't be. I just don't have time for other ailments.

I will discuss it with my doctors at my upcoming visits but am not going to rush in for a new appointment with any of them.

Today I have nothing planned. I don't need to go anywhere. I can stay home and take care of me and continue the unpacking/reorganizing process. We now have a deadline - house guests arriving in ten days - so I have to get moving. As much as I can without causing more pain.

And I will never intentionally skip pills again.

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Emy Watson said...

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