Friday, February 5, 2016

Put it in a drawer and walk away

I have been unpacking and organizing for far too long now. But I am making progress. At our old house, where we lived when I went through my breast cancer (mis)adventures including surgery, chemo and radiation, after treatment I stuck my wig and chemo caps on the shelf in the closet. Sometimes while looking for something else, I would come across them and get the unwelcome memories.

This morning, I made a better decision, I stuck them in the bottom drawer of a cabinet and they will stay there, hidden away. The only things in the drawer are cancer related - wig, chemo caps, wig stand, a few books on coping with cancer. Nothing else.

That means I have no other reason to open that drawer unless... unless....

Let's not go there. Ever, I hope.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Last fall I passed the chemo caps on to someone I know at church. I just got a book back from someone else - nobody seems to want to keep it. The wig is still on the stand in my closet. I should probably put it away or pass it on. Odd how those things sit around for so long. Lois

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