Thursday, February 25, 2016

I had the wrong question

I was going to ask my rheumatologist if my rheumatoid was in remission. That was the wrong question to ask.

I should have been more concerned about joint erosion and disease progression.


So I got to get x-rays and ultrasounds of my hands, wrists, ankles, and feet. I was tired by the end of the x-ray session. I am not good at standing around these days. Particularly while standing in a specific position and not moving while they take issues. All of my feet and ankles had to be weight bearing. That was Tuesday.

Yesterday I went for an ultrasound of my right hand and wrist. I was looking at the images on the screen. I asked the tech how she could tell what was what - the answer was a lot of training. I said the image of my wrist looked like the ocean in an old print of an ocean with a ship.... She agreed.

I will get the results at my next appointment. And then we will discuss additional treatment options. The problem is that the TNF (tumor necrosing factor) which is some how part of the new fancy biologic treatment options. So my rheumatologist has to talk to my oncologist first.

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