Thursday, February 11, 2016

When doctor's give orders

I ran into two instances where doctors were giving orders, to patients. Basically they were giving the patients orders to obey them and make them toe the line.

In one instance a friend of mine who was a heavy smoker was told he had to prove he had quit smoking for a month before the doctor would perform his back surgery. Yes, I know smoking is a nasty dirty habit. Yes, I know it can do horrible things to your lungs and the rest of your body. Yes, I know quitting smoking is a very good way to improve your health.

But, the doctor had his surgery scheduled and then he was in a fender bender so it had to be delayed. Now the doctor won't schedule his surgery until he has quit smoking. So if my friend needed to quit smoking because of surgery concerns, why did the doctor not make this an issue before? Why is it now? This does not make sense.

Then another friend who is a grandmother and is long since done having children wants to have a hysterectomy. She even has fibroids and her doctor says no. She's not ready? What? He's not giving her a real answer.

In both cases, I feel that the doctors are asserting their opinions without thinking of the patient's concerns. This is not right. I think both patients should find new doctors. I would not put up with that crap from any of my doctors.

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