Monday, February 1, 2016

Rethinking things

So my life has been in a bit of a transition for the past few months. We decided to move, then we started packing, house hunting, more packing, having a cold for weeks, the holidays, moving, losing (and then finding) the cat, unpacking, and unpacking.

For the first time I got up this morning and went into the kitchen and started puttering around. I moved the coffee maker to where it should be (on the counter under the cabinet full of coffee cups) instead of where we had first plonked it on the counter the day we moved in. I then started looking for things in the cabinets - to find the salt (which we do not have) - and rearranging things some more. Then I even did some tidying. Now I want to do some more puttering and cleaning. So I feel settled. Finally, and it feels good.

I have had some friends over so far. I have even reconnected with some from whom I used to live further away. Some were content to sit and chat. Some wanted to help unpack. All had advice for numerous suggestions on what we should do next - move furniture, select paint colors, lighting ideas and more. Some we will take to heart and do and others we will politely ignore.

But all this transition and change has opened a door for me to make some more changes in my life. Its not that I am hesitant to make changes but sometimes a making a few changes opens the door to making even more.

A little prod from one corner could make you rethink about why you have some connections or do some things. And sometimes they connect dots for you that you didn't really acknowledge previously. So more changes will be made in my life and I think I am comfortable with that as well.

Its not that I am trying to be vague here but I am not sure about all the changes I might make yet and have to feel things out some more. I might even redesign my blog again...

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