Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Honest Truth

I have to admit this, especially since I am such a healthy patient. Its a constant issue for me.

I hate needles. I can't watch TV about the flu or another disease when they show people get injections.

Going for blood work is a bad day for me. And the last time I went I left behind yet another water bottle. Every Wednesday my husband gives me my methotrexate injection for my rheumatoid. I hate that part. I would never be able to give myself a shot.

Then today I had to take the cats to the vet and both of them got shots, and I was in the same room. They had my deepest sympathy on their discomfort from the shots - mental and physical anguish.

But now we can all take a deep breath and get on with our day. Until my next shot next week. Yuck.

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