Sunday, May 1, 2016

I'm not missing

I am taking a few days away with my husband. We haven't gotten away together for a few days together since we moved - and that was stressful (because the cat got lost and lawyers and bankers and realtors were idiots) and I had a horrible cold.

This is more fun. We are down by the ocean having fun. I'll share some pictures later. And we have a house/cat sitter while we are gone - so burglars don't get any ideas. The one concern I am allowing myself this weekend is that will the cats get out - something our cat sitter says she won't allow? One of them sits and meows non-stop until he can go out.

We are having fun. I am staying off line for the most part because I want to do things - like have fun, talk to my husband, etc. Also, I am pretending I am a healthy person again. I may pay the price for this later but sometimes I need to stretch my boundaries.

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