Thursday, May 5, 2016


A friend emailed me yesterday and asked how is retirement? I can honestly say I have never been so busy in my life. This is my life: 
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday I go to the gym - the gym is now 25 minutes away so its not around the corner any more. And there is not another gym like it anywhere closer. Going to the gym is more like PT for me and is very important in my life.
  • Wednesdays I do grocery shopping for us and my parents.
  • Thursday I have my knitting group which is in the opposite direction 20 minutes away. 
Never mind any doctor appointments I might have - this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Or errands, the library, or anything else.

Today I am flat out: 830 am dentist, 10 am conference call to help train one of my replacements at my old job, and then 12 noon leave to help at the cancer center and my knitting group. I'll be home at 4 pm when I want to make a Cinco de Mayo dinner.

I also need to allow down time in my life so that I can actually rest to recover from whatever else I have been doing. Today, I will fit that in. Actually what I do is watch more Hallmark and Lifetime movies than I ever thought I would. I sit or lie on the sofa or bed and watch a movie (or DVR'd shows) so I can rest. This is when I get caught up on my knitting and reading.

When I have a busy day where I go to the gym and the grocery store and a doctor appointment, I take little breaks all the time. I sit in my car with my eyes closed and seat back for a bit. Or at the gym I lie on one of the stretching tables for a few minutes. And then I come home and collapse for a bit. The cats like this life style. They can take their naps with me nearby.

I do not know how I could work as well. Actually I know I could not work because I really can't do anything that takes more than 3 hours out of the house before I need to rest. I could have a job if there was a bed nearby for 30 minute rests after each hour of work. And if my work shifts lasted no more than 3 hours so I could go home. Working from home would be the same schedule which does not allow for much productivity. If you have a job that I could do like that, feel free to let me know. As long as it pays at least $30/hour.

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