Thursday, May 26, 2016

Breast Cancer: At What Cost?

Even with insurance the cost of any ailment, not matter how large or small, can be formidable. For some people the $20 co-pay to see the doctor can be a dent in their wallet. And new research shows that even with insurance, depending on coverage, state of disease at diagnosis, treatment required, and many other variables, medical bills can range between $20,000 and $100,000.
I know that even with my health insurance, which is pretty darn good, we spent thousands of dollars on my health right after diagnosis. And with my oh-so-healthy-body, we continue to spend thousands. And you can subtract any potential salary I might have - because I can no longer work.

Going back to work after breast cancer can take a few years. I know many women who do not return to work full time because they do not feel physically or emotionally up to it. Even if there is a financial need.

Breast, or other type, cancer diagnosis, knocks your socks off. You may never regroup. You certainly never go back to your old self (just that fictitious new normal). And that you forked out up to $100,000 just to get to that new 'normal', your wallet (and retirement) won't be the same.

You can go to doctors and medical professionals to heal physically. You can go to support group and therapists to help mentally. But financially you are never the same, no matter how rich or poor you were to stop.

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