Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Color Me Appalled

I think of the state of California has some of the most progressive (and craziest) laws and regulations. I also think of California as a state full of all types of people and as being inclusive and recognizing so many of its diverse constituents. I also realize that the state has had some huge health insurance gaps in the past and the majority were resolved with the Affordable Care Act.

But I am absolutely appalled by what I recently learned about state funded breast and cervical cancer treatment program. Currently the program has these limits:

  • Women under 40 are not eligible for free mammograms in the program. So if a woman with no history of cancer in her 20's or 30's found a lump, she would have to pay for her mammogram out of pocket. 
  • Breast cancer treatment is limited to 18 months for young women. So if you haven't finished treatment in that period of time you are out of luck.
  • Does not offer treatment if a young woman has a recurrence in the same area. 
I have to figure out why this program actually exists for young women. These limitations are insane. It provides no coverage.

So the Komen foundation (doing good for once) actually introduced a bill last year to get rid of these limitations. Actually I should not be sarcastic about the Komen Foundation (for the cure) here as this is a good example of the other types of work they do - besides sticking a pink ribbon on everything. 

The bill is making its way through the government and should eventually become law. I am just stunned that it is needed in this day and age.

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