Monday, May 9, 2016

Doing Too Much!

Of course I have over-scheduled myself for the next few days weeks. I am going to hate myself.

It all started when we decided to have a party, sort of an open house. Originally we thought we would do it in the middle of January, just after we moved in. Obviously that schedule was pushed back. Finally we bit the bullet and picked this Saturday as the date. (And if you are looking for your invitation, maybe its in your spam filter.) So we have a few things to do this week.

I have to finish painting our bedroom. Its been half painted since the end of March. I put on a coat of primer last week and the first coat of paint this morning. I have to finish before the cleaning lady comes on Wednesday. (We don't want it to look half painted at our party because it is just plain ugly half painted.)

I also have to do laundry (5 loads give or take) and dig up some jerusalem artichokes from a friend tomorrow. Later this week I have two training phone calls for my replacements at work, getting my hair and nails done (I can be such a girl), my knitting group, the grocery store, start preparing food, have the party and then collapse.

But I can't collapse. Sunday I promised myself I would go to the NH Sheep and Wool festival.  I am going if it kills me. I just learned about Sheep and Wool festivals from someone in my knitting group. Who knew they happen all over the place every spring. I can't wait. If I have any energy at all I am going.

I know I am doing way too much. I know its not going to easy on me. But we have really looked forward to the party. And I really want to go to the Sheep and Wool festival. These are both important to me. I know its going to be a lot. But I will make sure I get plenty of sleep and rest between all these activities.

Part of being me, I keep doing what is important to me. I am not going to give in to all my ailments and sit around. I also want to enjoy myself.

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