Monday, April 25, 2016

Organized Vs. Scatterbrained

I do not consider myself scatterbrained. (My husband would disagree and has several other adjectives to describe my lack of organization at times.) I do blame fibro fog, chemo brain and whatever else I can remember to call it.

I used to be fairly organized... Well sort of organized. Organized but dependent on my lists to keep me organized. Now I cant remember anything long enough to write things down so I can take care of them. I'm retired so who needs lists? Or so I thought.

So I have resorted to lists again. I will go back to my work habits and keep a running list of everything I need to do so things will get done. I have at least ten items on my little list that I already started. Everything from making appointments for the cats at the vet to calling Verizon (I hate dealing with big companies' phone trees so I have been procrastinating on this one).

Our house looks like a tornado went through it as well because my fibro fog/chemo brain allows me to overlook the chaos that surrounds me. I have never been a neat freak but my organization has sometimes been lacking. Or I just got tired and needed to take a nap and slept through my cleaning time.

But now I will get my list going before I need a nap.

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Nancy's Point said...

I am pretty unorganized and always have been. I get things done, eventually. Lists, not a big list maker either, which isn't a good thing as I am also more forgetful these days. I make lists when I must. And btw, our house also looks like a tornado went through, as does the yard. Sigh...

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