Monday, August 1, 2016

A Relationship Gone Bad

I never used to mind climbing stairs. I would skip elevators and walk up and down stairs so I could pretend I was getting extra exercise. It was no big deal. At all.

After my body decided to go to hell in a hand basket, I would sit in the living room and think about something I want from upstairs..... But delay so I could combine trips to reduce the number of times I needed to climb them.

We moved so I could live mostly on one floor. I have enjoyed that. I really have. I could avoid the stairs for days at a time if needed. If I want to go out I can walk down the front steps - all five of them. Its very relaxing. I don't have to worry about going up and down stairs. I may not get as much exercise but I don't get as tired.

Now on vacation we are in a very old house with a nice tall flight of stairs between our bedroom and useful places, like the kitchen. I am not used to stairs. I am avoiding the stairs. I am trying to limit my trips up and down these stairs. But its not working. I am taking too many trips up and down stairs. I need to stop taking as many trips but its not easy.

Every time I head for the other floor, I try to plan ahead and think what I might need to bring or get so I can limit my trips. But it never works. I was upstairs resting and my parents were both sleeping downstairs and the phone rang so I had to run down the stairs.... and it was a wrong number.

If I take too many trips up and down stairs, I might have to cut back on my trips to the beach (all 872 feet of it, give or take). I am here to go to the beach and not to go up and down stairs.

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