Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Just Want Some Sleep

I keep getting these awful muscle cramps. They have gotten more and more prevalent over the past few months. Sometimes the little tiny muscles on the side of my pinky finger start to go into spasm.... they may be tiny but they can cause a lot of pain. Other times its my hamstrings - both at once (just for added fun), or the front of my calf, or the bottom of my heel. Whenever it is, I stop doing whatever it was I was doing (sleeping, reading, walking, etc) and be in pain until it decides to loosen up. I often try moving around and a little massage. Sometimes I am still achy wherever it hurt for a while longer.

I asked my pain management doctor and he said its when muscles are overworked they can go into spasm. So what was I doing when I was sleeping that was overworking my calf?

I asked my rheumatologist about this and she asked me about how much water I drink (lots), how much fresh fruit and vegetables (at least one banana a day), and more. She said it could be some kind of imbalance but did have me get my iron levels checked (they were normal). I see my primary care in about a month so it will be a bigger discussion then.

All I know is I have enough problems getting a good night's sleep without waking up two or three times with muscle cramps. Grrr.... grrr.... grrr....

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Holly in CT said...

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