Monday, August 8, 2016

How Much Pain?

Yesterday I found a stupid list of a series of doctor office signs. Of course I had to read it because the first one caught my eye, and share it on Facebook (because I have nothing better to do).

Last night we went out to dinner. For some reason the kitchen was backed up and we were sitting in uncomfortable chairs for 45 long minutes between when our appetizer and salads were finished and our entrees arrived. During that time, my back started hurting to the extent that I could barely walk.

Basically it felt like I had stepped on a Lego.... That was stabbing me in the back. The next time you step on a Lego, pretend that is going into your back and you will begin to get the idea of how bad my back is. If you have never stepped on a Lego, go buy some and walk on it barefoot to get a comparison. (Are there people out there who have never stepped on a Lego?)

Personally I believe this is a much better scale than the basic 1-10. Who can define what is a ten pain? That little frowny face doesn't quite do it for me. Nor do some of the others I have seen. I know I have blogged about this pain scale thing before but I am too lazy to find them (because my back hurt so I didn't sleep that well). (I have rights too!)

I have a goal today. I will take my nieces and nephews to the beach so I can float around so my back will hurt less. And I will take my good drugs.... with a Tylenol Arthritis (an amazing OTC) to help get it back in line.

Sooner or later, I will be able to pry the piece of Lego out of my back.

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