Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Conversation

I had a conversation with myself last night, with a few insights from my husband. Let me say I was very tired yesterday. I didn't get through my whole workout and my husband cooked dinner.

After dinner, I made a mistake. I should have gone to bed and not sat down to watch TV by myself. This was the conversation:

Me: I'll just watch a little more TV and then go to bed.
Husband: Don't fall asleep in the living room (or you will be cranky tomorrow because your back will hurt.
Me: Of course not. I'll be there soon.
My inner self: Of course I'll be there in a few minutes but I need to get comfy for a bit.

30 minutes later:
Husband: Don't fall asleep out there. You will be cranky. Come to bed.
Me: I'll be right there. Don't bug me.
My inner self: Just a little more snoozing.
Husband: Are you sleeping? 
Me: No. I'm still watching TV
My inner self: I'm still watching TV through my closed eye lids.

15 more minutes later:
Husband: Wake up and come to bed!
Me: I'm not sleeping. I'll be right there.
My inner self: Its way too comfy here.
Husband: I warned you.

Another hour later:
Me: Damn, I have to go to bed now.

This morning my back might be a bit sore. But the big problem is I ended up going to bed too late to take a sleeping pill and didn't sleep well again last night. Tonight, I will not fall asleep watching TV.

My husband just read this and laughed. I said to him: "you were right". He then gave me a hard time about that too.

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