Sunday, January 22, 2017


Because I had an awful cold over the holidays , we postponed Christmas. It was yesterday for our family. It meant a ton of cooking, houseguests, and a big  family meal with three generations. It was nice. But I am exhausted. We have enough leftovers for a week. That means I don't have to cook all week. And can nap.  Daily. I am exhausted (did I say that already?)

Friday at the gym I was seated on the stepper next to one of the local 'characters' who reminded me that we need to treasure those family events because not everyone will be there forever and we need to appreciate them why they are here.

Yesterday I enjoyed time with my family. Then this morning I woke to the sad news that a friend who I met through Relay for Life in 2009 (I think) while she was finishing high school and was of the key people involved. After she finished high school,  she went to New York for a while until she started having some digestion problems. She came home and found she had liver cancer. She had multiplesurgeries, months in the hospital, and lost her life this morning at age 25.

A death at that age reminds me of the advice at the gym, appreciate  your times with those you care for.

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