Friday, January 6, 2017

Finding People Like You

What is the point of a support group? Finding people like you to talk about your issues - whether its widows, cancer people, parents of autistic children. Sometimes it helps to talk to people with similar issues - everyone has cancer for example. But sometimes you need to find people with the same cancer as you.Its pretty easy to find women with breast cancer because there are support groups for them everywhere. Its other types of cancer that can be hard to find.

But then there comes the question: How do you find people like you? There aren't little registries for people with a specific kind of cancer to sign up. So how do you find them? Asking other people who you meet.

I don't mean go up to strangers and ask them if they have a type of cancer. I do mean ask your oncologist about support activities such as support groups where you might meet other people with your type of cancer. Another place you might look for similar people are on social media - just like
networking for a job.

It is so important to find people who are coping with the same issue as you. They are the only one who really understand your questions, who have been faced with the same issues have you,

As I strongly believe that your emotional side is as important as the physical side, finding support is crucial.

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