Friday, January 20, 2017

Blogging at the Gym

Im at the gym,blogging during cardiovascular. My laptop is having another momentary lapse after downloading Windows 10 updates. The guy at the computer repair place says it might be hardware. I disagree and am thinking in the old days I would have booted from a floppy and recovered. But since floppies are now obsolete, I can't use that option. So I am stuck with my tablet and can't access my non-backed up files on my laptop.

In addition to my computer issues, it's been one hell of a week. Basically I  had an unexpected cancer freak out for delusions in my brain but am fine. It looks meant four doctor appointments and tests to discern the reality which  showed how much of an idiot I can really be.

Also we are having a belated Christmas dinner because I was so sick with a cold in late December.  This means houseguest and a family dinner for 11 tomorrow and cooking this afternoon when I would  rather take a nap.

In addition to  the gym, I have already been to a doctor appointment and am heading to the gas station, grocery store and library before heading home.

But it will be nice to see everyone.  We will also continue the 'no politics at the dinner table' rule so we can find out how everyone is doing instead of rehashing political opinions.

My goals for next week are to recover from this week and nap daily if I can.

I can't write any more because I am single finger typing on my tablet screen and it's too complicated for me.

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Robin said...

Try dictating on your iPad!! It works quite well-- and is easier than trying to type with one finger.

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