Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Wrong Doctor

Synopsis of a very sad story: A man with horrible pain issues was cut off of pain meds by his doctor and as a result took his own life.

The details: The man's pain issues were treated by his PCP who was concerned about potential opioid abuse and cut him off of medication. His PCP was concerned about losing his own license as a result of tightening laws regarding opioid medications due to the current abuse epidemic. His pain, when untreated was so bad, caused him to commit suicide.

I think my big problem is that the man was not treated by a specialist who would have a better understanding of options for treating his pain. There is a reason there are specialists. After specializing in their training, they also spend time researching new medications and treatment protocols. Let's see, would you have your primary care doctor take out your gall bladder? Probably not. You see my point.

Personally I want a specialist for pretty much any chronic condition. Something that isn't going away ever requires a specialist.

There is a lesson to be learned here for everyone. If you do not get the treatment you need from one doctor, find a new one. I do not mean doctor shopping to see who is going to give you a prescription for something for you to abuse or distribute.

A doctor should want to work with you and help you with your problems. They should be open to discussion and share decision making. If your doctor cuts you off, find a new one. Don't suffer.

Again, it is such a sad story that this man was in such pain that he took his own life. My sympathies to his family. And to his PCP who cut him off? Thumbs down to you!

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