Monday, January 2, 2017

Cancer Prevention (Or Why Me?)

I have a feeling I am bit cynical these days. This morning I found a post by Dana Farber's Insight blog on cancer prevention tips, which caught my cynical eye.
I was 19 when I was first diagnosed with cancer. Okay, I admit to smoking some by then but I wasn't much of a drinker until I got to college (!!). I was pretty active. I was young. Any bad habits didn't have much time to turn into a cancer, or so I think. 

Then by my second diagnosis, 26 years later, I might have had a few more bad habits but I was pretty active and got check ups, wore sun screen and in good shape. 

This is my family history of cancer: one grandfather got prostate cancer, the other one got gall bladder cancer, and one of my mother's cousins had breast cancer in the 1970s and is fine. (Considering my mother had forty something cousins, that's not a bad record.) 

So what happened? Why me? Why was I the one to be diagnosed with cancer? Twice? 

As for all my other ailments, my mother has had a bad back for years and also has rheumatoid arthritis. No one else has anything like I have. My father, in his late 80's, has been known to call me and ask questions about upcoming medical procedures because I have had way more than him. I ask again, why me? I am a bit cranky about this. Still. I mean why did I end up with this medical history? 

Do you see what I am saying? How did I end up with my medical history when I am surrounded by a family of healthy people? 

Its very frustrating when you follow the rules and still end up with all the medical crap. And I really don't understand what I can do to prevent more cancer - once you have a cancer diagnosis, your risk for future cancers greatly increases. Grrr.


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