Tuesday, August 7, 2012

23 Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2012

Healthline just announced their top 23 breast cancer blogs of 2012 and for some reason included me. I am very honored. You can read what they wrote about me here. Apparently I have opinions.

"Caroline has her own list of aches, pains, and the cancer bug, but she’s not letting it stop her. This survivor has a few bones to pick with the medical community, though, and she’s not letting anything slide. Advocate, blogger, and awareness junkie extraordinaire, Caroline has big plans for cancer: its end.

Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog has no shortage of provocative, detailed discussion about what’s new in breast cancer treatments, diagnosis, and everything else she feels motivated to scrutinize. Cancer should know by now that Caroline does what she wants – and does it well!"

I'm glad they like me. Someone likes me. I guess I do have opinions.

But now I have 22 more blogs to follow. I probably already follow at least five of the others listed but I am going to start following the others. I suggest you all go look at all the others and maybe start following them as well.

Today I am off to the back pain doctor to talk about my back pain. Grr. I want a miracle.


AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

Well, HI, Caroline...
I was thinking the same thing.... I am HONORED to be beside you in that list. Well, maybe not RIGHT beside you but I'm still shaking my head in disbelief! Going to add your blog to my blogroll and to catch up on your story, too. I have to thank the folks at Is My Cancer Diff for tweeting that we were both in their #founding100!

I already love what I saw in about half a second when I skimmed the Komen mammography story!

Well done, my new friend.... Very nice to meet you!



Catherine said...

I think we all now have a new list of blogs to follow. So glad that Healthline introduced me to your page. Congratulations and I look forward to reading along!

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