Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall out

Earlier this year we watched the Komen foundation's fall out as the result of the poorly handled 'foot-in-mouth' PR disaster with Planned Parenthood. It has had some deep running, not yet concluded effects on the organization.

This week we saw Lance Armstrong being stripped of his awards for more than 10 years of cycling fame. He has chosen to stop fighting what he called a 'one sided' battle and as a result the conclusion has been drawn that he was using performance enhancing drugs to help bring him to fame and fortune. I am not trying to debate whether he did or did not or why he chose to end his fight.

Regardless of what he did or did not do for cycling, he did do one thing we cannot dispute. He created an amazing foundation to help people coping with cancer. That is his legacy and no matter what the cycling federations say, it can not be taken away from him.

The first statements attest that the foundation is going strong with support from fans all over. We should not watch the organization be destroyed no matter what the press and the cycling word things about Mr. Armstrong.

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