Sunday, August 19, 2012

Planning ahead

For a mere $20 you can purchase an ObitKit and write your own obituary. Its the latest thing in the American rate race, keeping up with the Jones's. I mean why not? Your funeral is the biggest party of your life and you don't get to attend. If you write your own obituary you can advertise yourself and establish your brand for eternity (sorry my inner marketing person kicked in). You won't need to be the family member who brought the disgusting fruit cake to Christmas dinner for 20 years, you can become the family member who went on exotic vacations and lived life to the fullest.

It actually makes sense. What do you want people to remember you by? What they can remember or what you can remember? My family is a bunch of planners. My grandmother prepaid for her funeral (and got a really good deal because she didn't need it for 20 years), drafted her death notice, and planned many details. It was much easier on the rest of us. And we knew what she wanted in the paper.

Think about it, if you died tomorrow (not that you are but its the principle here - work with me), what would your family write about you? That you didn't go grocery shopping with reusable bags or were always the one who left the iron plugged in when you went on vacation? Or had really bad dandruff (okay I'm stretching here). But this is your chance to leave things your way.

I think of it as a logical extension of your medical proxy, next comes the funeral and the death notice. Start planning. Make it all about you. Just make sure the wake is held while you still can attend.

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AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

I have NO idea how or where you found this, but I'm thinking I like it on some level. It's like a reverse baby book of sorts. Come to think of it... where the hell are my kids' baby books????

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