Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stressed? Depressed?

Is there anyone who can claim they are either not stressed or not depressed? No. Especially cancer patients. Cancer patients are (I think) 25-30% more likely to suffer from depression and a cancer diagnosis is a tiny bit stressful.

There was a new study (because we needed a new study to keep all those researchers busy) that shows that stress and depression '...primes the bone environment for breast cancer cell metastasis.' Well, how do I become unstressed and undepressed about a cancer diagnosis? If they can't cure cancer, why can't they at least fix the stress and depression?

We could be happy and relaxed cancer patients instead of stressed and depressed cancer patients and help prevent breast cell colonization of bone - another fancy term from the article. 

The goal of cancer treatment is to prevent metastases so this is another area to focus on.

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AnneMarie Ciccarella said...


You are officially scaring me! Are we connected by some sort of kinetic vibe or something????? I just blogged about stress using and info graphic and was looking for the link to THIS study.... Mentioned it in my blogpost.

I call "TagTeam" and I claim you as my partner!


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