Thursday, August 16, 2012

Attitudes can be slow to change

I had a conversation with an older friend the other day. When I say older, I mean she is probably ten years older than I, which isn't that much as far as I am concerned. But what was interesting is we were discussing another friend who's spouse has just been diagnosed with a late stage cancer. They are still learning the details of the diagnosis and establishing a treatment plan so its very early in the process.

What made me think was the first friend's attitude to cancer. She still views it as a death sentence. She said something along the lines of 'when I hear cancer, I just know it won't be good'. I tried to tell her that I know numerous people who have lived with a cancer diagnosis for decades. She was pretty set in her opinion. I don't think it is related to her age.

I really thought the world had changed in respect to cancer and that people no longer see it as an immediate death sentence. I guess that is what I found so disturbing.


hestertingey said...

Yes, absolutely. I find that I am talking to people and it's as if yes I am going to die, and no, they are not, ever, going to die! i sometimes just slip in a quick 'Yeah, well, we're all going to die someday,' just to remind them that all our heads are on the block really.

Dr Pushkar said...

Cancer has really got a bad name. A taboo for many. I live in a rural area. Whenever someone gets diagnosed with cancer, everyone related to patient begins to ask the doctor and hospital staff - how much time has he got? They start figuring out the financial implications. Affordability is low, so people either dont take the treatment or leave it midway and patient suffers, feels like he is serving a term in hell and ultimately dies a terrible death.

If someone tells them that it might be possible to treat the cancer and patient's condition can improve and he will be able to live well. They feel the guy is lying to them or cheating.

For them money is a big problem, they feel its not justifiable to spend on cancer treatment unless doctor guarantees to them that person will live a good long life and cancer will be cured forever.
There's no such thing with cancer.

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