Monday, August 13, 2012

I chickened out

I didn't go bathing suit shopping. It quickly lost its appeal. I may go this week but I lost my motivation. I did productive things at home instead. I worked and got caught up on the DVR.

Maybe its time to return to plan A which is lose 20 lbs and then buy lots of new clothes. In order for that to work, I need to curtain my intake of flab producing calories. That would be a diet. I hate dieting. Dieting means you don't get to eat yummy things and the weight comes back when you stop dieting and return to normal eating patterns.

The way I see it is to change eating habits on a semi permanent basis. This would require examination of my current eating habits and decoding what is wrong with them. I do eat lots of healthy things but evidently I eat some less than healthy things as well. The things to get rid of will include chocolate and things from the snack box at work, the corn chips my husband insists on buying, red wine, and ice cream. Damn.

I can't exercise more because my body is ready to protest if I do anything more than 3 or 4 days a week. I have limitations there. Damn. I will have to decode my eating habits. I hate that. But then I can go clothes shopping.

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Anonymous said...

When I charted my eating for a few weeks, the thing I discovered was that even good for you stuff is full of calories. So that extra helping of fruit at breakfast and generous helping of veggies at dinner still added extra calories to my day. I've found that I can plan a piece of dark chocolate (those antioxidants are good for you) into my day without wrecking my calorie intake. And by planning I can have lots of the stuff I like, but in portion sizes that are helping me to slowly loose some of those extra pounds.

Lois K

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