Sunday, September 9, 2012

Evil Dr Google

I have posted about the evils of Dr Google before. As you can see from the image above (stolen borrowed from Facebook), I am not alone. My doctors are working on another mysterious medical ailment for me and I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to figure out what it is. When I know what it is I am sure I will blog about it. All I can say now is that its related to all the pain in my body that does not seem to be limited to my back.

While why I wait for that appointment, I am spending too much time on Dr Google seeing if I can self diagnose myself. This is a very BAD thing to do. I need to stay away from Dr Google in the meantime. It is so tempting to hop online and see if I can figure out what it is before the doctor does. Dr. Google is EVIL. I need more patience.

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Rosh said...

Congrats on an excellent blog

It is people like you that inspire us to get of out backs and do something positive.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer and am now looking forward to life instead of being down.

I have started my own blog to help me through my journey and will continue to read yours, thx.

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