Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things that go bump in the night

Last night something went bump in the night. I was awake for an hour or two or three starting about 1 am (what a surprise, this hasn't happened since yesterday) and I couldn't get back to sleep because my back hurt. Something 'cackled' and went wham on the corner of the house right next to the bedroom window. Then I heard more 'cackling' down on the patio and silence.

The cat and my husband didn't move a muscle. I think it was a bird or large bat (biggish thud) with a poor sense of radar and/or vision. Yes it was the middle of the night but the house is light green so you think it would stand out to flying things. It was probably only a foot or two from the corner of the house... (Why am I thinking of 'George of the Jungle' who couldn't swing from tree to tree, but went into the tree instead?)

This is me in avoidance mode this morning. I have a doctor appointment today I am not ready to discuss. So I will worry about things that go bump in the night instead. And hope there isn't a little suprise waiting outside on the patio for me...

1 comment:

ZhLeet said...

Not such a pleasant night. I hope everything will go ok with your doctor today.

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