Saturday, September 1, 2012

I wish we didn't have to whisper

Yesterday I finally gained some sense and trekked on down to the local pharmacy to inquire about a cold medicine that I can take. Its not as simple as you may think because I have no thyroid, I am allergic to Benadryl and must avoid all anti-histamines, and am on anti inflammatories so I can't have aspirin products. I gave the list of issues to the pharmacist and she gave me a suggestion.She said I could take it even though it warns against thyroid disease because she takes it and she doesn't have a thyroid either.

I unleashed my inner snoop and asked her why she didn't have a thyroid and she whispered 'I had cancer'. I asked her when and she said 4 months ago. I said me too but more than 30 years ago. That seemed to please her.

I can understand why she whispered 'I had cancer' because she didn't know if I would run and flee at the word, give her unwanted advice, or yell it through the store. But I wish we didn't have to whisper and people and their attitudes would change.


Linda Grier said...

Thanks for your blog, which is helping us all bring cancer into the light, where we can talk plainly and not feel we should whisper.

AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

No more whispering for me, either.... I'm roaring.....

Sarina said...

Caroline, I admire you are able to share such an intimate journey with the world, and I enjoy your point of view. My family has a history of breast cancer with my great aunt undergoing a lumpectomy less than two months ago. Feeling overwhelmed and wanting to have a sense of control back in my life, I decided to get involved with the breast cancer nonprofit community. It has given me the opportunity to feel as though I am fighting this disease right along my family and friends who are continuing their journey with the disease.

I wanted to give you a head's up; The Keep A Breast Foundation were nominated for a $250,000 Chase Community Giving grant. This youth-focused nonprofit organization educates about cancer prevention, early detection, and of cancer-causing toxins in the environment. The recipient is determined by votes and winning would mean that they could continue their awesome work in education. I was thinking that you can help them get the word out. Thank you!!! Polls close September 19th. People can VOTE here:

For kicks and giggles..... They were so excited about the nomination (and being the T-Swift fans that they are) they made a video parody of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together entitled We Are Never Ever Too Young For Cancer. It's super cute! WATCH it here:

More information about Keep A Breast:


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