Friday, September 28, 2012

Its Friday

In fact it is the last Friday in September before the deluge of pinkification. And there are only 39 days until the elections.

The sporting world is overjoyed that NFL refs are back on the job. They received a standing ovation last night. I am sure that will last one day.

The sporting world is also saddened that the NHL has cancelled all their preseason games. The bars outside the NHL arenas are probably very sad as their business will be way off during that time.

The Boston sporting world is saddened that the Red Sox have ended the season with the worst record in decades. Would anyone like to place a bet if Bobby Valentine will have a job next season?

(What? Am I supposed to write about cancer and health all the time? There is more to me than just medical ailments.)

This weekend I am going away for a girls weekend (and my husband will be helped by the cat in guarding the house while I am gone). I will leave after I get the stitches out from my skin biopsy - which I am sure will be nothing. (See I snuck in a little medical stuff.)

I am looking forward to a weekend of 'Girls Rule - no pets, no children, no husbands, no rules'. We have hula hoops and are having a pizza themed weekend. I am making a carb free one with an egg plant crust. We may go antiquing. We will definitely eat too much.

During the next two weeks I am very busy - basically over committed through mid October. But what else is new?

After this afternoon's doctor appt, I don't believe I have another appointment for three weeks? What will I do with my time?

But life goes on. Its Friday and I will enjoy the weekend.

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