Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The medical roller coaster goes round and round

Yesterday I went to see a new doctor, Dr. P., to see if I have rheumatoid arthritis due to all my aches and pains that never seem to go away. I have a family history of RA from my mother and maternal grandfather. I was referred there by my pain management doctor, Dr. G.

When I got there Dr P said that Dr G had put in his notes that I had myofascial pain/fibromyalgia. I said he had never mentioned fibromyalgia to me at all. At first Dr P said she would clarify that with Dr G and that it would be treated through the pain management department as I already am. By the end of the appointment Dr P said that I probably do have fibromyalgia because I have all the signs after she pushed on all sorts of places that caused pain.

Dr P was also concerned that, because of my family history and symptoms, I could have other ailments. A family history of RA does not mean I will get RA but that I am probably more prone to getting other autoimmune ailments. Dr P also said that because of my history and symptoms this wasn't going to be a one time visit but that I would get all sorts of fun tests. So I left a urine sample, went for blood word, and hand, wrist and ankle x-rays. If everything comes back negative, she will follow up with me in six months. If anything comes back positive, I will see her in three weeks for more fun and games.

On the plus side, its not cancer. On the negative side, these things don't ever really go away. But I really am a healthy person - if I keep saying this, maybe it will come true.

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