Saturday, April 6, 2013

I got promoted

I now have enough ailments, or an important one, that allowed my insurance company to nominate me to get extra personal care. AccordantCare, which is part of CVS somehow, provides an information library and personal contact with a nurse who helps with dealing with doctors, treatment plans, and just some one to call and talk to about health issues.

Due to my RA diagnosis and my insurance company's arrangement with them, I get this extra care. I think it could be helpful. In addition to the fact that my RA is still not under control, my rheumatologist is leaving and I am getting a new one, and its a relatively new diagnosis, I think I could use some help.

I feel sorry for the nurse who is going to call me thinking I just have RA. When I get done with her at the first call, going through my ailments, my prescriptions (I was in the category of more than 9 daily), and other issues, I think they might be a tiny bit overwhelmed. How quickly will these conversations turn into 'with your medical history, we need to be sure' conversations? (I hate that part.) I am sure that s/he will want to focus on RA which is fine but there is more to my health that just it.

I have a call scheduled with the nurse for a week from Monday so I'll wait and see how it goes. In the meantime, I will take my creaky body to the gym to see if I can get moving today.

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Andrea said...

We've had a personal care consultant through our insurance company for awhile now. First I had one & I simply have (all my adult life) hypertension. And then my youngest daughter, when she had her cerebral hemorrhage.

It's basically an information-obtaining service, to benefit the insurance company. Once they know all about you, they can decide what they're going to cover & what they're not, in the future.

But they sure do make it sound like they're wanting to "help you", don't they??!!



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