Thursday, April 11, 2013

What if your doctor sued back?

We all do it. We all complain and sometimes even compliment businesses and professionals we deal with. I always rate restaurants and attractions I go to (I'm going for my next badge on TripAdvisor).

Some people rate their doctors, dentists, and more. I haven't gotten that far. I do blog about my doctors from time to time but I usually keep a line of anonymity and privacy do not blast them using their name. I try not to be negative as a rule on other people.

This one man did blog about his unhappiness with his wife's doctor after she died from cancer. Then the doctor sued him for damage to her career in response. This isn't an isolated incident.

If a restaurant or hotel receives a bad review, they can go back and apologize below the review and proactively try to help the customer. Doctors can't do that. They are compromised by privacy laws and HIPAA restrictions.

I personally don't read reviews for doctors online. At my breast cancer diagnosis, I was and still am being treated at a local hospital where I am comfortable with the quality of care.

Everyone I knew was reviewing their doctors and medical facilities online and using those reviews to choose doctors and where to be treated. My doctors weren't listed so it didn't really help me. All it did was make me feel bad that no one had reviewed my doctors so how was I supposed to know if they were good or not.

Before I tried to look them up, I was happy with my care.

I have never reviewed my doctors either. I don't think reviews of medical providers do much good. There is too much emotion wrapped around  medical care. The man who blogged about his wife's doctor was upset his wife died, friends didn't visit, and regretted the surgery she had. It was an emotional time for him.

I admit to blogging about stupid neurotic co-workers, cranky doctors, idiot drivers, and many others. But I don't put their names in and it allows me to vent. I am not writing to blast others but to allow me to add my two cents.

As far as I am concerned its within my First Amendment Rights and I am not opening myself up to any lawsuits. And besides, I like my doctors and feel no need to review them now.

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