Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Semi retirement

As a result of my health disasters changes through the past six months, I am going into semi retirement. This does not mean I am going to stop working completely - SEMI retirement only. Instead of working two jobs - one 20 hours/week and the other 18 hours/week, as of May 10, I will work one job 18 hours/week.

It was a big decision that I really thought about. I had to choose which job to leave. I made my decision based on the fact that one job is completely 9-5 and the other job requires nights and weekends and running around town picking things up, delivering things, attending events.

I cannot go from one job to the other job as I used to. These days, after one job, I need a nap and to rest for a few hours before making dinner. If I overdo things, I am in pain for days. Pain makes me cranky. My husband hates it when I'm cranky. It also means he has to cook dinner more often han h e wants.

I have a month or so to go for this transition. I am happy to know that they do have replacements for me.One of my big concerns was how would the organization handle my leaving? I know I provide a lot of the day to day energy to it and without me, it could take a big hit.

It took two people to replace me but that is probably better for the Center in the long term. One person starts right around my official last day and the other one starts a few weeks later so I will be available to help with training and explaining so they Center can do well.

Some day I  may be better enough so that I can go back to more work but for now I have decided this is what I need to do. I am not retiring, I am semi retiring where I will still work, but have more time for doctor appointments and naps.

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