Friday, April 19, 2013

Playing Hooky

Yesterday I posted about my crappy week. It got even better. After working until 230, I rushed to a dr apt and then rushed home to a meeting that last until after 6, and then got THE call. 730am on Wednesday 4/24 we will get a lesson on delivering medication subcutaneously. What that means, they will expect me to stab myself with a needle. I will need an ativan for that.

The news this morning is all about the shootouts overnight to track down the Marathon bombing suspects. One is dead, one is on the run, police officers are dead. These guys are armed and dangerous. The subway and bus system is shut down city wide. Some towns people are being told not to leave their homes as cars are not allowed on the street. They are looking for a suspect and more explosive devices... Great.

Last weekend, a friend asked me if I wanted to play hooky for a day. We selected today. I had no idea last weekend how much I would appreciate a day of hooky. I can't wait.

In a few minutes I will go to the gym and work off some stress. Then I will go to a dr apt and then meet my friend. We will zip up to a small city on the ocean and enjoy the day - we are supposed to hit 70 - and have some lunch, maybe a little shopping, who knows. I need to get away and avoid all this.

I hope this is all over by the time we get home so life can resume some normalcy.

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Meg said...

Caroline, Please go to
Amy Baxter has developed a pain reduction device for people with needle phobia. The May issue of More has an article describing the device.
Thought it may help you.

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