Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a tragedy yesterday in Boston

It was a normal Marathon Monday for me where I watch the wheelchair races and lead runners on TV and then move on to other things for the day. I did a little gardening and went to the gym. While I was at the gym, everyone started watching one of the TVs and started talking.

That was when the bombs had gone off. One woman, her son in law was at the finish line, was very concerned. I knew my sister and brother in law usually volunteer for the marathon - they were at the start line, not the finish line. I heard from two other friends who were about 200' away from the explosion giving water to runners when the first explosion went off. They are fine but stressed.

What a horrible thing that someone or some group did. What were they thinking? What was so important that they felt they had to get their messages out by destroying a family friendly event on a beautiful day? They killed three people, including an 8 year old, and injured over 140 - including two brothers who both lost a leg in the explosion.

There is no rhyme or reason for this. To whoever you are that did this, there is no punishment equal to this kind of crime. But I hope your conscience makes the rest of your life miserable.

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