Thursday, July 3, 2014

Heat, humidity, impending storms

I can just say I get cranky when I get hot and tired, especially due to the summer heat. Its been hot and nasty here. 90 or so with humidity for a couple of days - which in Boston counts as bad weather. I know there are parts of the country where this is considered nice summer weather but that is why I don't live there.

To top it off, a hurricane is coming to ruin our July 4th. This means that in addition to the heat and humidity, the air pressure is on its way down. That causes all sorts of things - women go into labor early, tempers start flying, and apparently I get really cranky.

Last night I was really cranky and yelled at my husband, something I never rarely do. I then went upstairs and pouted for a while, then apologized twice to my husband, and then I slept for about 12 hours.

Today I feel better. Then I made the mistake of going outside to look at teh garden and found out it is hot, sweaty and disgusting out already. I think I should hide inside until tomorrow when the high is due to be 77 and rain. I can live with that.

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