Saturday, July 5, 2014

The latest theories

So the latest theory, in case you missed it, is that a daily aspirin will reduce breast cancer deaths. Sho-wah. I'm all in. But I can't take a daily aspirin because I am on prescription anti-inflammatories for my back. I wonder if that is a good substitute.

Actually I ignore all that now because a newer study based on 70,000 adoptees found that if a biological parent had cancer, the child had a 80-100% greater chance of developing one of the three most common cancers - breast, colorectal or prostate.

"The study was led by Bengt Zoller, a reader at Lund University in Sweden. Dr. Zoller says:
“The results of our study do not mean that an individual’s lifestyle is not important for the individual’s risk of developing cancer, but it suggests that the risk for the three most common types of cancer is dependent to a greater extent on genetics.”"

So lifestyle doesn't do squat. Not really squat. We know smoking and drinking and sodas and fried foods are bad for us in other ways but in terms of cancer risk, check your family tree.

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