Thursday, July 31, 2014

Heebee jeebees!!!!

Do you ever wonder about new cancer treatments and their potential side effects? As medical research capabilities advance, so do the weird things they do to our bodies. Surgery used to be where they cut you open and take out the bad things. Now they leave little markers behind or radiate you (intraoperative radiation) while you are sleeping.

I just found out that herceptin is not a medication in the sense that its something your body absorbs and uses. It is nanotechnology- meaning it is a created little thing that is infused into your body where I assume it decays and goes away.

Nano particles sometimes are used as carriers of medicine but I hope  they leave your body asap. I mean what if they stick around and hang out in your liver or something. What kind of problems might they cause later????

I have a surgical marker implanted in my left breast to prevent confusion on the part of radiologists when they look at mammogram readings to say 'this part isn't cancer so you can ignore all this little disaster'. When they put it in I wasn't concerned.... but now as I think about it, will it ever rot or decay? Now it kind of gives me the heebee jeebees that it is still there.

What else do I have in my body? Not much but as new research comes down the pipeline, I hope nothing gets left behind.  

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Rethink Street said...

Modern medicine is brilliant and mind-boggling in equal measure. And yes the thought of walking around with something alien inside feels a bit creepy to me too.

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