Friday, December 4, 2015

Comparing notes

Yesterday I had lunch with a high school friend who has MS. She is the one person I know who can relate to many of my health issues. While she hasn't had cancer, she has had chemotherapy - it is used for MS as well as other ailments besides cancer. Its safe to say we can compare a lot of notes.

As we graduated from junior high and high school together, we both are 37 and holding. And our respective healths (I am not sure healths is a word but I'm using it) are in the toilet. We discussed exercise options - she is an avid hand cycler - and I go to the gym.

We also talked pain management and siblings. Pain management is big for both of us. Pain management while functioning like a normal human being is even more important. There is a fine line between the two. And siblings? Need I say more. We got to argue about who got the better handicapped parking space. I got there first and left her a closer van accessible space... that someone else took before she arrived.

I have many cancer friends these days but I don't know as many people with other chronic conditions. And my friends with rheumatoid don't seem to have anywhere as many symptoms as I do.

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