Monday, December 28, 2015

Maxed out

Every year it has happened since 2007 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer - we max out our health insurance out of pocket expenses. I just found out when I went to pick up some prescriptions the other day and figured out we hit our max on Dec 11. This is much later than recent years.

I didn't have any surgeries or anything major happen this year - except my knee injury. I had a total of 58 medical visits - this does include eye doctor and dentist - plus an additional 10 or so separate trips for blood work. This is the most appointments in at least five years. And I do hope this is not a new trend.

This is one measure of how (un)healthy I am. I go to the doctor at least once a week. So far I only have 13 appointments scheduled for 2016 - and I am sure this number will grow. In January, I have four scheduled appointments - that's one each week on average. Its a good thing I stopped working so I have time to go to the doctor.....

My medical finances may be maxed out but I think my tolerance for doctor visits is maxed out as well.


Unknown said...

How do you know when some of these pains are not in your head? I have mistook mental discomfort for physical problems.

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