Friday, December 11, 2015

I thought it was under control

Obviously its not. Last spring after coping with multiple colds that would last for two weeks and getting them every 8 weeks, we cut my methotrexate dose down. Some of the colds turned into ear infections.  With the lower MTX dose my immune system would not be as suppressed and I was less likely to have as many colds.

I haven't had a cold since last February. Until today.

Last week I was feeling crappy so I hibernated for a day and didn't feel that bad, for a few days. I also skipped my weekly MTX injection.

This week I had my weekly injection on Wednesday night. Yesterday I was getting tired and I thought I had done too much. But I woke up at 3 am, sleeping on my right side, because my left ear hurt enough to wake me up. I then rolled on my back and decided that both ears hurt. Even with all the pain meds I am on, my ears hurt.

When I got up at 8, I called my doctor's office and got a 9 am appointment. There I learned that while it looked like I had two ear infections but there was also a virus going around with similar symptoms. But with my medical history, they need to be sure. (I hate that line.) Maybe I had the virus last week which got worse.

But I did think this was under control and I wasn't going to get as many colds any more. Since I haven't had a cold since the end of February, I guess it is better. But I hate having a cold. And being on antibiotics, again. Grrr.


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