Thursday, September 8, 2016

Finally Some Good News

You can balance out the damage of drinking by exercising. Doesn't this sound too good to be true? It does, and its also true.

New research has been done over years that show:
  • It is impossible to stop people from drinking alcohol - in general. They have passed laws and tried all sort so different things. Even in cultures where alcohol is forbidden, alcohol is still drunk and abused. Alcohol abuse causes a lot of damage to people's bodies. 
So researchers went on another tack. What can be done in order to help people's bodies recover from this abuse from drinking alcohol, not even when it is not abused. Meaning when people drink in what are considered 'normal limits'.

Well there is a 'miracle' cure. Its called exercise. Yes, exercise. The results from the study are:

"Exercising the recommended amount "appeared to wipe off completely" the inflated risk of cancer death resulting from alcohol, said Stamatakis. Similar physical activity also offset the increased risk of all-cause mortality linked to drinking. Exercising more provided slightly better results."

I will continue to do my 3 hours of cardio a week. And maybe feel less guilty about drinking wine with dinner.

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