Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Am Done Making Lifestyle Changes

When I was 19 and diagnosed with thyroid cancer, after treatment the doctors told me to stay healthy, take care of myself, eat right and get plenty of rest. Um, great advice. I was in college so it did not exactly fit my lifestyle.

But I did put some deep thought into how I was going to live my life. Having cancer sucks (if you want to disagree with that, please let me know). It was a big wrench in my life. A huge elephant in the room. And one I was not too sure how to approach (there was no social support for cancer people in 1981). However, I decided cancer was not going screw up my life.

I made the decision that I would try to live a healthy life style. I was going to make sure I took care of myself. But I wasn't going to let cancer interfere with my life.

But then cancer decided to show up again nearly 26 years later. I did make some lifestyle changes during chemo. I did change our eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables. I made sure any processed foods were removed from our diet, not that there were that many. I finally quit smoking.

Now, nine years later, I think I am done with altering my lifestyle. I know my primary care doctor is going to tell me to eat more vegetables and stuff like that. But I am done with that.

I enjoy a glass of wine and am not going to stop drinking. I try to get plenty of sleep. I mostly eat right (but some how a bag of potato chips fell into my grocery cart last week). I try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. (Potato chips are vegetables aren't they?)

I have enough going on that I am not going to make any more lifestyle changes. I have so may issues right now with my health. I think I have made enough changes. The only way I am making more lifestyle changes if they will cure cancer and get rid of all my other ailments.

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